Ngai Tahu

Digital Strategy / Project Management / Content Management

At Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu I lead digital campaigns through content marketing. I invest time and resource in creating digital assets and utilise social media to tell our story, in our way, and in our time. I believe the role of content and social media marketing is to get our audience to know us, like us and trust us. I re-aligned the Ngāi Tahu website to embody this philosophy. The scope of the web re-alignment project required me to manage bid proposals from agencies, assess risk, engage with stakeholders, build relationships, understand the factors critical to success, select developers and manage in-house staff. I managed the project on time and on budget. Since launch I’ve measured the success of the site and campaigns within the site, through Google analytics. Having a large site with many visitors allows me to research what’s popular, what isn’t and to discover what visitors are searching for. This research forms the basis for new content creation. The Mahinga Kai web series is a product of this research.

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